belong S1 [free mint]

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belong is your next-gen web3 social profile.

Access was in closed alpha up until now.

Today we are entering open beta.

With an OE FREE access token.

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belong is the web3 social profile that adds context to your utility tokens. With it, you can clearly share where you belong, how, and why. Resulting in deeper connections with more web3 natives and perhaps even better reasons to grab your next favorite utility token.

belong is run by @itsjulianpaul & @ericzakariasson.

Time to share where you belong.

access early

With an Early Supporter token, belong will feel much more exclusive and open up a range of features only 111 will have access to. Free access is given via OE Season passes, so more and more profiles get created in predictable waves. This is how access differentiates:

belong S1 pass holders (mint above) get:

  • Access to a token-gated channel on our Discord.

  • A subscription to our mirror for future updates.

  • Your very own profile.

belong early supporters get (all of S1 plus…):

  • A holders-only gated first-access Discord space.

  • Your NFT’s serial number as a /user slug on

  • A special 1/111 belong badge and secret early-only feature (reveal soon).

Holding both of these might or might not help you belong.

Thank you so much for your support thus far.

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